Bin Overview

Bins provide the ability to organize and share assets and bin clips with other Core users.

  1. From the Browse page, click on My Bins
  2. A user can also access their currently selected bin via the drop-down menu under their account name. Click on My Active Bin
  3. A user can also access their bins via the asset's details page. Click on My Bins underneath the video preview

Search for a Bin

Once you have clicked on My Bins, follow the next steps:

  1. Type in a bin name into the Search box and click enter
  2. Alternatively, select a bin search option from the View Bins drop-down list
  3. When you have located and selected your bin, click Done

Create a Bin

To create a New Bin from My Bins, follow the next steps:

  1. Click on the Bin tools dropdown bar
  2. Click New bin
  3. The Create a new bin clip box will now open. Enter in your bin's details and click Create

Other Bin Tool Options

Other Bin tool options include:

  • New folder: create a folder to house multiple bins
  • Delete selected bin: select a bin and delete it along with its contents
  • Move Active Bin to Folder: select a bin and move it to a folder along with its contents
  • Expand All: expand the display to show all bins within folders
  • Collapse All: collapse the display to hide all bins within folders

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