Add Assets to a Bin from the Asset Details Page

  1. Open My Bins

  2. Select the bin that you wish to add the asset to by checking the white box to the left of the bin’s name

  3. Add the asset to the bin by clicking on the folder icon (with the + sign) wherever you see it (e.g. below the asset's thumbnail in the Grid View display option or below the video player controls)

  4. The folder will turn green with a check tick to show the asset has been added

Remove an Asset from a Bin

To remove an asset from a bin (in the Grid view display option):

  1. Open My Bins and then open the bin you wish to view. In this bin, click the More Tools icon (the 3 parallel horizontal lines) below the asset’s thumbnail

  2. Click Remove from this bin

Remove an Asset from a Bin

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