New Enhancement: Modified Campaign Setup

To simplify our Campaign workflow, we are introducing a more intuitive set up process. This will enable you to auto-apply geofences based on your station selection when setting up a Campaign.

Step 1, Campaign Details, leverages a newly introduced 'Campaign Type' to define whether the campaign profile aligns with Metro, DMA or Other in order to help guide the user path and determine how stations relate to their markets.

Step 2, Find Ads, establishes the 'station-to-market' relationship for improved organization and navigation. The 'Campaign Type' influences whether the station associates with the Metro, DMA or County (if 'Other' is selected).

Users will benefit from a host of rich functionality such as a search filter to quickly locate markets or stations by name, alphabetical grouping to easily move across markets, and segmenting that distinguishes Nielsen markets versus unrated markets.

Step 3, Filters, houses 'Location' (formerly known as "Geofence") which automatically applies geofences based on the market and/or station selection in Step 2, Find Ads. These pre-applied geofences can be modified by adding or removing locations to better represent the campaign and its reach.

Additionally, we made an enhancement to display a visual annotation aside the location name to give context as to whether the location is a State, County, DMA, Metro, City or something else.

Filters are optional and any auto-applied settings can be removed.

New Enhancement: Daypart Chart and Data Table

We expanded the charting capability in the 'Daypart' section to include additional dimensions such as 'By Daypart' and 'By Day of Week' to complement pre-existing options like 'By Hour' and 'By Date'. This update equips users with more robust tools to better evaluate campaign attribution and performance.

To augment these visuals a data table accompanies the chart.

Lastly, with the goal of eliminating the need to reference multiple charts within Daypart to holistically analyze performance, we consolidated and merged the secondary 'Day of Week' chart into one primary Daypart chart -- thus, providing a centralized and unified chart to interface with.

New Enhancement: Placement Chart and Data Table

Continuing forward with our chart redesign initiative, we made meaningful enhancements so that 'Ad Visits/Ads', a key efficiency metric, is set as the default view.

For organizations with multiple stations operating within the same Attribute account, the new chart allows for an easier way to compare and benchmark performance.

Optimizations and Bug Fixes:

  • Improved the chart sorting of duration on the 'Creative' section for easier legibility and analysis (optimization)

  • Fixed a minor ad visits and new ad users discrepancy on geofence introduced with the multi-station crediting logic (bug)

  • Corrected for a miscalculation on 'Creative' when viewing Ad Visits/Ads by Duration on the chart (bug)

We hope that you find these improvements to Attribute valuable and we welcome your feedback via chat support or email: [email protected]

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