New Enhancement: Live and Pre-Recorded Watchlist Mode

The Veritone Essentials team is rolling out a brand new way to locate and report on organic value spots with a simple and intuitive update to our Watchlist creation flow.

Using your traffic system integration, Veritone can remove the occurrence of any Pre-Record Spots and leave exposed "Added value", "Earned Media" or "Organic mentions" of Advertiser brand names through the use of our Transcription services.

Step 1, Create a new watchlist in Veritone Discovery using the NEW button. Follow the creation wizard until you reach the “Search Profile” step. Located on the top right corner of the page, flip the “Live and Pre Recorded” switch.

When enabled your view will change to expose two types of searches:

  1. The Pre-Recorded search field will allow you to target specific fields directly from your Traffic system. Examples of these can be Event Name, ISCI, Advertiser Name, etc. You will want to select a property that corresponds to the Advertiser you are looking to locate for this campaign.

  2. The Live Read search field will allow you to leverage the use of Keywords in order to locate all other Native mentions of your Advertisers Brand.

Labeling your Mentions:

We realize that naming conventions can be a source of contention, and can be an important part of translating the message to a client correctly. Based on feedback, we have included a new Search Label that allows you to change the name of Pre-Recorded spots and Live Reads to your choosing. This will help provide your clients with greater clarity when viewing the Watchlist reports you send them.

New Scorecards and Charts:

When you enable the Live and Pre-Recorded mode on your watchlist you have the ability to select 3 new charts when creating your dashboards. These include:

  1. Live Read Score Cards: Shows the total breakdown of mentions labeled as "Live" and matching your keyword search

  2. Pre-Recorded Score Cards: Shows the total breakdown of mentions labeled as Pre-Recorded and matching your traffic system data

  3. Live VS Prerecorded by date: Displayed the total count breakdown by each day of your campaign

Please note that the labeling used in your Watchlist will be displayed in place of the terms Pre-Recorded or Live Read in order to give you ultimate flexibility.

New Enhancements: Score Cards added to PDF Dashboard Export

Now when exporting your Dashboards in Veritone Discovery, if your dashboard includes any Scorecards they will be included in your PDF export.

New Enhancements: Target Demographic Breakdown Included in Watchlist Export

When exporting Watchlist Mentions as a CSV, new data is included to expose the target demographics per mention.

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