New Enhancement: Google Analytics Connection Names

In order to provide better visibility to an advertiser's connection data, Attribute now surfaces the Google Analytics Account, Property and View names of an authenticated advertiser.

When hovering over the broadcast icon for an advertiser, you'll see a pop-up that houses the Google Analytics connection date along with the connection names. This information can serve as a helpful reference to ensure that your advertiser connected to the right data source used to power the campaign with web data.

New Enhancement: Consolidated Advertiser Setup

To simplify the advertiser setup, we've condensed the two step setup into one with the invite message now a part of the first step. This change should help you get the invite out even faster!

Bonus: You can also include up to 5 email addresses in the invite.

New Enhancement: Improved Advertiser Setup Workflow

We wanted to eliminate common pitfalls regarding next steps that some users encounter when setting up an advertiser or campaign. With this goal in mind, we think that today's introduction of "setup steps" help inform you as to what steps are next or outstanding items before being able to extract value from your campaign.

After sending an advertiser invitation you'll be directed to a page that guides you through the setup steps.

Step 1, Connect Advertiser, will inform you to as to whether or not the advertiser is connected. If the advertiser has yet to connect, you'll can to see how much time is remaining with a real-time countdown before the invitation expires (requiring you to resend a new invite).

If the advertiser is connected, creating a campaign is the only remaining step.

Step 2, Create Campaign, directs you through the campaign setup. After a campaign is created and if the advertiser is still not connected, you'll be made aware so you can follow up by resending the invitation, if needed.

New Enhancement: Improved Location Dashboard

The 'LOCATION' section of Attribute (formerly known as 'GEO') received several enhancements.

First, the dropdown selector defaults to 'Ad Visits/Ads' and supports other options such as 'Ad Visits' and 'Avg. Ad Cost' (if cost data is provided) to analyze performance from several dimensions.

Second, the table has been updated to also include 'Avg. Ad Cost' (if cost data is provided).

Optimizations and Bug Fixes:

  • While the system creates a campaign, we now display a progress strip in the header section as feedback that the app is processing the request (optimization)

  • Saved edits to a campaign will redirect you to the campaign analytics instead of remaining in edit mode (optimization)

We hope that you find these improvements to Attribute valuable and we welcome your feedback via chat support or email: [email protected]

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