New Capability: Creative Name Mapping

We're excited to announce our support of 'Creative Name Mapping' to provide broadened system flexibility with the display of unique ads within the Creative dashboard of a campaign.

Historically, the search property, such as 'Event Name', in 'Pre-recorded Spots' is used to populate data in the Creative dashboard. For users who are interested in individual creative breakouts, this structure required knowing and searching for the individual names of each creative in order to fully harness creative benchmarking and optimizing. Conversely, searching by the brand or advertiser name (instead of unique creatives) displayed the brand or advertiser in the Creative dashboard which limited its usefulness. For example, if a users searched by 'Advertiser Name' for 'Pre-recorded Spots' the Creative dashboard would display the advertiser name in the Creative dashboard. This view makes it challenging to see how individual creative affect the campaign.

With the new 'Creative Name Mapping' capability, Admin users can configure their accounts to key on a specific field that best represents creative names based on how its ad data is provided to Veritone.

As an Admin, navigating to 'Settings' enables you to view and select the field that contains your creative name information. An example record of your actual data is displayed (if available) alongside the field names to help inform your selection.

Once a field is selected, a more exhaustive list of the most recent 20 records can be viewed as a 'Sample Output' to further validate your selection.

As a result, the Creative dashboard will breakout each individual creative referenced in 'Creative Name Mapping' regardless of the field used in the 'Pre-recorded Spots' search. For example, if the 'Advertiser Name' was used in 'Pre-recorded Spots' and the 'Creative Name Mapping' pointed to 'Event Name', the Creative dashboard would display all the unique creatives linked to the 'Advertiser Name'.

Lastly, an update was made to the 'Pre-recorded Spots' search to default to 'Advertiser Name' instead of 'Event Name' given the benefits of 'Creative Name Mapping'.

New Enhancement: 'CC' Senders of Advertiser Invitation

To improve visibility to system generated emails when inviting an advertisers to connect its web data, we now include the sender of the invite in the 'cc' field of the email for awareness.

We hope that you find these improvements to Attribute valuable and we welcome your feedback via chat support or email: [email protected]

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