This article will cover the process and general information for advanced sharing within Digital Media Hub

Advanced share display

The Advanced Sharing functionality allows a user to customize different components of the share, these include the following:

  • Expiration Date of the share

  • Delivery Options

  • Share by Account

  • Public share

The display of the customization options is determined by the user having the following permissions:




Allows sharing to external users (no login required)


Required to adjust the share duration


Required to adjust the delivery options for the shared assets


Required to share with all users in an account


Required to share an asset with ‘all’ internal and external users


Required to share a collection with ‘all’ internal and external users

Create Anonymous Shares

  • Allows creating a share even if the recipient is not a registered user on the site

Edit Share Dates

  • Allows customization of the share duration by specifying the expiration date

  • The expiration date default value is based on the site, account or user configuration

  • The expiration date is required. The concept of a ‘forever’ share is not supported, but setting the expiration date far in the future will have a similar effect

Edit Share Delivery Options

  • Allows customization of the eligible delivery options for assets and collection assets

  • The list of available delivery options that can be selected for the share is defined via the site, account or user configuration

  • Selecting a delivery option does not guarantee that the asset has the appropriate rendition for delivery

  • The share recipient will not be limited the delivery options specified in the share. Any eligible delivery options they have for the asset outside of the share will be combined with the share delivery options.

Edit Share Account IDs

  • Allows sharing of an object to all users associated with an account instead of sharing to individual users

  • The share can include one or more account ids (future enhancement will allow account name type ahead)

  • As users are added to the account they will inherit the share. As they are removed from the account they will lose the share

  • If Account Ids are specified, the share will not be sent to individual recipients - a separate share should be created for individuals vs accounts

Create Sitewide Shares (Clip or Collection)

  • Allows a share to be available to all logged-in users for a site

  • Any user with a valid session can view the share

Create Public Shares (Clip or Collection)

  • Allows a share to be available to anyone with a link

  • The link works for both logged-in users and non-logged-in users

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