Nielsen Enhancements:

Veritone is excited to announce a large feature update to our Discovery application for Nielsen Radio subscribers. Discovery users now have the ability to utilize continuous diary measurement for their Radio targeted watchlists, which will allow for the most timely and relevant information for campaign reporting and analytics.

Combined with Veritone Discovery’s new ability to track Live Reads in real-time, broadcasters can now report ROI as accurately and quickly as possible back to their advertisers.

We have made numerous enhancements to our Watchlist creation process as well as our analytics suite to empower you to use this new functionality with ease and agility.

New Features Include:

Watchlist Book Selections:

The Watchlist creation process now contains a dedicated tab for configuring your target audience and demographics for correlation and reporting on mentions.

From the Target Audience tab, you can now select the individual monthly book that you would like to use for reporting during your campaign.

  • Book selection is based on your Watchlists Start and Stop date

Or you can select the Current Book feature which will allow you to report on audience data as it becomes available from Nielsen. By using this feature, each Mention that is created will correlate to the monthly book based on the timestamp it was created.

Reconciliation Process:

Veritone will correlate the latest available book measurements based on market availability. However, monthly ratings are typically released 1-2 weeks after the month’s end, depending on the market. In order to help keep your reports up to date with the freshest data available you can now use the Reconcile action on a watchlist which will check each market targeted in your Watchlist and update any audience metrics that may have new data.

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