This release includes various bug fixes and performance enhancements for customers using Relativity 9.6, 10.3 and Relativity One.

Bug Fixes and General Enhancements

  • Long file transcription improvements: Some customers experienced incomplete transcription of files greater than 60 minutes in length. This has now been resolved.

  • Resolved redacted files remain "in progress": We've resolved an occasional issue where customers were unable to apply new redactions to a document as the file was perpetually in a "Saving Redacted File XXX" state.

  • Server error for users of Relativity Aero: We've resolved an installation error for workspaces in Relativity Aero. Please note if you are using Veritone's aiWARE for Relativity plug-in with Relativity Aero, you will need to switch your document viewer mode to classic view.


If you are your organization's Relativity administrator, download the latest RAP file below to take advantage of these new improvements:

Remember, our aiWARE for Relativity User Guide is always available should you have any questions.

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