New Enhancement: Invitation Email Includes a Quick Start Guide

Occasionally, advertisers may have questions regarding the email invitation request to connect to Attribute. We thought it would be helpful to surface a step-by-step guide as part of the invitation.

New messaging will prompt the recipient of the email invitation to "Read our Quick Start Guide before connecting." We also improved awareness that invitations expire after 5 days requiring a new invitation to be sent.

New Enhancement: Campaign Type Defaulting to DMA

When 'Campaign Type' was introduced it defaulted to 'Metro'; however, after receiving important user feedback we've adjusted the default setting to 'DMA' for only new campaigns. Remember, you can also change this setting to 'Metro' or 'Other' (if available) depending on your campaign profile.

New Enhancement: Improved Tooltip for [WEB] Compare Dates

A minor enhancement to the tooltip when toggling on the 'Compare Dates' feature in the WEB section better enables you to compare two different points in time and analyze the performance from each date.

New Enhancement: Select/Deselect All Users for Teams

As a Manager who has access to 'User Management', you can now Select All users for your team instead of making individual selections. If all users are selected, you can also Deselect All. This feature should help accelerate your operation when building out teams!

We hope that you find these improvements to Attribute valuable and we welcome your feedback via chat support or email: [email protected]

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