New Enhancement: Improvements to Connections Page

The 'Connections' page benefits from an enhancement that incorporates the 'Owner' of the advertiser. Additionally, by hovering over the share icon you'll see Who has access.

Lastly, we sorted the information by 'Connected' date so the most recent Connections, Invitations and Disconnections are prominent. The column headers, such as Name and Campaign, are also sortable.

New Enhancement: Optimized Campaign Workflow

In the spirit of reducing setup friction we've optimized the campaign workflow. New and Edited campaigns are broken into 4 steps instead of 3 decoupling Select Station from Find Ads.

Although there is one additional step in the process, the separation of Select Stations from Find Ads is found to be more streamlined.

New Capability: Select Stations > Show Selected Stations & Markets

When editing or building a new campaign, the 'Show Selected'/'Show All' feature will enable you to quickly filter out any markets and stations that aren't a part of your selection criteria.

New Enhancement: Expanded Campaign Modal

To help you better organize and find an ever-growing list of campaigns for your Advertisers, we've improved the campaign component. It not only includes an alphabetical list of your campaigns, but it also houses a 'New Campaign' option along with a search bar.

Optimizations and Bug Fixes:

  • Major location data restructuring and optimizations to improve loading speeds on the 'Location' tab (optimization)

  • Enhanced the API responsible for fetching Google Analytics data with better retry and delay logic to recover from Google errors that may interrupt our service (optimization)

We hope that you find these improvements to Attribute valuable and we welcome your feedback via chat support or email: [email protected]

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