Why Download Spot Reports & Access Media in Attribute?

In addition to dashboard reports measuring attribution performance, users can also download a comprehensive report of all ads, including air times, that ran throughout a Campaign. This will read similarly to a post-log report or the CSV download that is available in Discovery App. Users will also have the ability to listen to spots directly from the tool. This is particularly useful when comparing and analyzing creative performance and determining what may be driving some spots to outperform others, giving you better insight into how to optimize your Campaign.

Please note you will only be able to listen to audio clips if we are recording your broadcast feeds.

How to Download Spot Reports & Access Media

  1. On any reporting tab in your Campaign Dashboard (Web, Placement, Daypart, Creative, Location), scroll to the data table.

  2. Next, click on the spot counts detailed in the Ads column to drill down into a list of related spots.

  3. Click on any row in the drill down view to listen to your media. The media player will pop up, enabling you to play your spots directly from this view.

  4. Click on the Download icon in the top right corner (downward-facing arrow) to download your post-log report. This will download locally to your computer as a CSV file that you can then edit at your discretion.

  5. Click on the "x" in the top right corner to return back to your Dashboard.


  1. EVALUATE CREATIVE PERFORMANCE - Navigate to the Creative tab as shown in the gif here, and click into your individual spots (listed by name) to analyze differences by listening to spots. Ad Visits/Ads will be the metric that will most directly illustrate performance of each spot.

  2. DOWNLOAD FULL SPOT REPORT - Click into the table on the Placement tab to access a complete list of spots broken out by all pre-recorded spots and all organic live mentions.

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