New Capability: Connecting to GA4

Google recently announced an upgraded version of Google Analytics called GA4. It’s powerful and leverages AI/ML in smart ways such as question-driven insights.

Importantly, GA4 does not yet commercially offer any third-party service, such as Veritone Attribute, access to its API in order for us to retrieve essential data. Furthermore, GA4's "alpha" API available to trusted partners (i.e. Veritone) lacks granular data such as minute-by-minute insights necessary for attribution solutions like Attribute to work effectively.

Good news, however, there are alternative methods to still connect GA4 advertisers by running GA-Universal in parallel and providing us with the desired data. This release includes an update to the invitation-to-connect landing page by prompting all advertisers with options on how to connect while subscribed to GA4 (as seen below). Clicking 'Show Me How' will redirect the advertiser to the following help article detailing the steps otherwise dismissing the prompt will advance the connection process.

New Enhancement: Redesigned 'Find Ads' Previewer

We're elated to share that we've completely redesigned the search previewer to give you a better view of the campaign results during the setup process.

During the campaign setup, rather than a simple list view of up to the 10 most recent events related to your search in the 'Find Ads' section, we reworked the design to better showcase the expected results based on the campaign criteria by including the estimated total number of ads, stations and markets. Additionally, an introduced line graph displays the trend of the est. number of ads for the campaign. Lastly, building on top of the initial list view design, we continue to detail up to the three most recent events recognized by the system.

This search preview enhancement applies to all three search modals; Pre-Recorded Ads, Live Reads and Watchlists.

Optimizations and Bug Fixes:

  • Data restructuring and optimizations to improve handling of large advertisers that exceed 100k daily visits to ensure proper data retrieval and rendering of charts (optimization)

We hope that you find these improvements to Attribute valuable and we welcome your feedback via chat support or email: [email protected]

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