AiWARE OS is pre-loaded in all Veritone accounts and manages all core utilities and features inside an all-encompassing visual interface. This visual interface allows you to interact with the operating system through a cohesive series of utilities that help power the applications installed within your account.

Each utility serves a specialized purpose that supports your applications in connecting to the functionality provided by the operating system. Some examples of these functions are viewing and interacting with your data, managing the engines, applications, and flows available for your account, and receiving and viewing Notifications.

AiWARE OS strives to create an experience that standardizes and unifies your interactions within Veritone, through a simple and sleek user interface.

What’s Included:

Utilities and Features

Learn the Basics

The aiWARE OS utilities and features can be accessed from the top menu bar of your application. Primary Utility Icons are exposed within the menu bar to allow easy access to important OS-level functions.

Menu Bar Utilities Include:

  • Help Center: Connects you to API and Knowledgebase documentation as well as Chat Support and Quickstart guides LEARN MORE

  • Notification Center: Display cross-application notifications and details LEARN MORE

  • Organization Details: Lists all organizations you belong to and allows you to seamlessly switch between accounts. LEARN MORE

Veritone Utility Dock

The Veritone Utility Dock icon is available on the top right of your account and when selected, slides the Veritone Utility Dock to the right of your browser window. The dock houses all OS utilities for your account and allows you to switch between applications using the Application Switcher Utility.

Switching Applications

Within the Veritone Utility Dock, you can find the Application Utility Icon. This utility displays all applications that are currently installed and available to your user account.

Helpful Tip: As you open applications from your Available apps, they will be stored in Recent Applications, for quick access. If an application is in Recent Applications, it will not be viewable within More Applications.

AiWARE Personal Profile

Your aiWARE Personal Profile contains the basic information regarding your account and authentication into aiWARE. This personal profile is available within the Veritone Utility Dock, by clicking the Personal Profile Icon. Upon clicking, the Personal Profile panel will slide open from the right.

Basic Information

You can view and manage your basic information which includes:

  • Your Name (Required)

  • Phone Number (Optional)

Account Information

  1. Your account information contains the email used for your current aiWARE account

  2. Password Reset: You can request a password reset email to be sent to your email on file, but clicking the Reset Icon located to the right of your password field in your account.

Changing your Personal Profile Image

If you wish to change the avatar image used to represent your account, you can do so from the Personal profile panel:

  1. Click the Camera Icon located on the Avatar image at the top of your Profile Panel

  2. Upon clicking the Camera Icon, the Edit Profile Image panel will open.

  3. Click "Select a photo from your computer"

  4. Choose your new Profile image and select Save

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