The Notification Center is an aiWARE OS utility and available to all applications. The primary purpose of this utility is to expose OS and application-level events to you in a standard location and format. Notifications expose timely and important information, such as task completion, new data available, message received, or when something has changed.

The Notification Center icon is located in the top menu bar of your browser window. Upon clicking this icon, the Notification Center Panel will slide out from the right side of the screen. Notifications will be stacked by the chronological order in which they were created.

Note that by default, your current application will be selected for notification. You can always change your notification view to “All Applications” by selecting the dropdown

Two types of Notifications exist:

  • Informational: Provide information and not necessarily an action. Typically to facilitate users’ work in aiWARE.

  • Actionable: Notifications followed by an action or caused by an action

Notification Details

Upon clicking any notification from the Notification Center, the Notification Detail will open to the left of the Notification Center exposing additional information and actions ( if available).

Helpful Tip: If you wish you continue to view Notification Details from your list, simply leave the detail panel open and continue to select Notification you want to view more info on.

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