Help Center is the central home for any support you may need with your aiWARE account. This aiWARE OS utility provides comprehensive, in-app walkthroughs, API documentation, and access to our in-app chat support.

The Help Center Icon is located in the top menu bar of your aiWARE account. Upon clicking the icon you can choose between two Help Center options:

  • Help Center: Provide riches in-app API and Knowledgebase Guides

  • Support Center: Connects you with our Customer Support team through in-app chat, or provides optional application quickstart guides ( If applicable)

Help Center

Within the Help Center, you can gain direct access to aiWARE's API documentation as well as Knowledge base application articles. These articles are available to view directly inside your application, without the need to open a new tab or navigate to another window.

Helpful Tip: If you would like to view API documentation or Knowledge articles in a dedicated and full-screen tab, click the Open new Tab icon located at the top right of the Help Center Panel.

Support Center

The Support Center allows you to connect directly to Veritone's Customer Support team in order to answer any questions you may have regarding your account, application, or OS experience. The Support Center also offers in-application quickstart guides that help onboard you into your application (If available).

  • To speak to our Customer Support Team click the Technical Support section of your Support Center

  • If your application offers a quickstart checklist, this option will be available to select.

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