New UI Feature: Video Player Keyboard Shortcuts

Digital Media Hub allows users the ability to trigger player actions using keyboard inputs, rather than clicking icons/buttons in the UI. The keyboard shortcuts can be used on both the Asset Detail page or the Timeline Edit page.

The advanced video player supports the following keyboard shortcuts:

New UI Feature: Custom More Menu Buttons

Digital Media Hub has improved the extensibility options by allowing configurable buttons or 'more menu' on the Asset Detail page and Collection pages. The more menu buttons that get displayed can call internal routes or external URLs.

The more menu buttons can now be configured via the Admin App under the UI configurations. User will now see the three dot icons to expand the more menu display which will allow them to select multiple options when configured (example below).

Admin App: CMS Social Media Support

The CMS entries for social links within the footer or navigation menus now support the display of the TikTok logo. The 'types' within the social link items has been expanded.

Admin App: Company Name Added to Download Report

The Download Report within the Admin App now includes customer's company name when pulling the report.

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