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  • How to Search by Keyword in Illuminate


Using Keyword Search allows you to target words or phrases found within your media in Illuminate.

How to Search by Keyword

1. Click on the Search Bar at the top of the page:

2. This will expand the Search Modal. Select Keyword as your search option by ensuring the Transcription Icon is highlighted:

3. Enter keyword(s) into the search bar. Click SAVE to search:

PROTIP: When a search term includes more than one word, be sure to enclose them inside quotation marks so the sequential order of those words is respected.

4. Results will populate below the search bar. If you'd like to add a second set of keywords, click into the search bar again and repeat the steps above.

5. Search criteria will appear as pills in the Search Bar. By default, they will be connected with an AND operator. Users may change the relationship between search terms by clicking on the operator and selecting OR:

NOTE: You can remove search terms at any time by clicking on the 'X' within the pill.


  • When searching transcribed audio, consider that words will be transcribed phonetically. Some words (especially proper nouns) will not transcribe with their exact spelling. For example, Geico may transcribe as “a guy go” or “a guy co”. And though the company “UnitedHealth” is one word, it is likely to transcribe as two: “United Health”. We recommend including multiple variations of search terms to ensure you are capturing everything you need.

  • Websites will variously transcribe as “dot com” (two words), “dotcom” (one word), and “” (one word with a period in between).

  • Numbers will transcribe both fully spelled out OR as a numeral (i.e. ten or 10). Be sure to include both variations.

  • After running your search, tag the results to categorize them for your team upon review.

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