New Login Screen and Destination Select

  • Added cleaner login interface

  • Added a new window prompt when a user clicks ‘forgot password’ or ‘new user sign-up’

  • Added the ability to login into Veritone’s other aiWARE environments with a destination select

Run aiWARE Tool

Chained Cognition

  • Added the ability to stream text directly into Run aiWARE tool for text engines (i.e. sentiment analysis, etc.) via the 'Incoming Text' data option

  • Added a reference id field on all jobs to support blending results with upstream results & files


  • Fixed issue: Audio/Video files only show transcription results when running text cognition in synchronous workflow

  • Added easy to understand error messaging

aiWARE Input Tool

Filter aiWARE Results by Program Name

  • Filter aiWARE results by program names stored in your organization

  • Show all results and search by name in the search bar to filter results

  • Fixes an issue with results disappearing after two weeks of being processed in Run aiWARE.


  • Fixed issue: aiWARE results would delete after two weeks. Results will no longer delete after two weeks.

  • Added easy to understand error messaging

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