Feature Enhancement: Expand Support for Restricted Metadata Values

Digital Media Hub users can now allow definition of restricted metadata values for additional field types. When an Admin user is defining the editable metadata fields, users can now specify restricted values for pick-list and multi-list field types.

New Feature: Restrict Access to CMS Pages

Digital Media Hub now supports the ability to restrict the display of CMS pages based on Accounts or Permission Values.

Bug Fix: Video Player Retry

In order to minimize video load errors for the Asset Detail Player, new logic has been added when loading a rendition to ensure video playback. In the event the video player on the Asset Detail page fails to load data from the preview rendition URL, it will retry. The number of retries and the pause between retries can be tuned via the UI Config. The current default number of retires is 4 and the number of seconds between retry attempts is 5.

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