Why Search by Structured Data?

Searching by Structured Data enables you to search against your organization’s unique metadata. This highly accurate method of searching makes it quicker and easier to find relevant files than ever before, and can greatly simplify your Veritone workflow.

How do I Search by Structured Data?

1. In the Illuminate App, click the Search bar. Next, click on the Structured Data icon, which resembles a stack of papers. This will reveal two Structured Data fields -- All Schemas and Search by Property:

2. Click into the Schema field and select the desired option (this will be custom configured to your account!):

3. The Search by Property field targets data found in your account’s Structured Data schema. For example, selecting a specific field like “Event Name” in the example demonstrated below enables you to search for any values that correspond to that metadata field. You have the flexibility to search for any available fields - or corresponding values - in your Structured Data.

4. In the text field, begin typing the name or value for what content/metadata you’d like to search by. Available options should auto-populate in the Suggestions dropdown. Click ADD when done. Note: you can add multiple selections to your Search as needed.


  • In the Property field, be sure to select whichever field/value corresponds to the type of content you’d like to search by. If you do not immediately see matches for what you would expect, try another Property option.

  • In addition to using Structured Data to search by static metadata in lieu of searching by transcription syntax queries, you can also pair searches for Structured Data AND Keyword Search to further fine-tune your results. Leveraging the power of AI-generated transcription together with Structured Data further enables you to quickly navigate and filter through a large volume of content before exporting results for additional Discovery efforts.

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