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Why Leverage User Management for My Team?

User Management in Attribute enables Managers to easily access their team's information without the explicit need to share. As part of an effort to safeguard access to the Advertisers and Campaigns created in Attribute, by default users can only access the Advertisers and Campaigns they create, own, or that are shared directly with them. To avoid placing the burden on the user to share every Advertiser with his or her manager, we introduced the User Management hub. Users with “Manager” permissions (typically personnel Managers, Admins, or anyone needing all-view access) can build "Teams" (or a group of users) to more easily access teammate data.

Attribute Managers

Managers can create Teams and access data for all teammates by leveraging the User Management dashboard in Attribute.

Important: The User Management icon and functionality will only appear to those assigned a user role of “Manager” or higher (“Admin” and “All Access”). Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you need this level of access configured for your user seat.

The User Management dashboard provides visibility into:

  • Users: A comprehensive list of all of the licensed Users, Managers and non-managers within an organization along with their respective user role and associated teams.

  • Managers: A subset of licensed Users with Manager or Admin roles with the rights to create Teams, assign Users and Managers to a Team, and make edits to Teams.

  • Teams: Virtual groups composed of Users and Managers. Managers can automatically view all Advertiser Dashboards for Users in their Team. Users will be able to see their Advertisers and Campaigns by default only, in addition to any Advertisers or Campaigns that are shared directly:

Create & Edit Teams

1. Log into Attribute using your Manager login. (To confirm your permissions level, please contact Veritone’s Support Team).

2. Select the User Management dashboard by clicking on the people avatar in the bottom left side panel:

3. Select Teams tab from the User Management page.

4. Click Create New Team or Edit (pencil icon):

5. Enter a Team name & use the search engine to lookup & select teammates. Click Create to save your changes:

Access Team Data

Managers can view & edit assets created by members of their Team.

1. Go to Advertisers by clicking on the Megaphone icon:

2. Select Users In Teams tab:

3. Click into a teammate’s folder to access their Advertisers and Campaign reporting.

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