Why Filter Watchlist Mentions by Market?

Applying a filter to your Watchlist enables you to refine Mention results to a specific Market or Markets without editing your Watchlist. This allows you to temporarily refine a larger Watchlist in order to easily find Airchecks or pinpoint individual Market performance.

How do I Watchlist Mentions by Market?

1. When logging into the application, all Watchlists will be selected. Click on the Watchlist(s) that you want to Filter to view Mentions for those only.

2. Click on the Filters tab at the top of the Watchlist Dashboard panel on your left-hand side.

3. Click on the Market category in the panel to open your Market search and available Markets.

4. Under Market, type in your desired Market and press enter or return on your keyboard to display results. Below a series of options related to your search will appear, each with a corresponding checkable box.

5. Check each relevant box corresponding to your desired Market(s) to include in your Filter. Repeat Market search as necessary to continue adding Markets to your Filter.

6. Click Apply Filters, the blue button at the bottom of your panel, to apply your changes to your Watchlist.


  • The data in your Watchlist’s Analytics Tab will update dynamically according to the filters you have selected until you remove them.

  • To remove a Filter from your Watchlist, click on the X on the corresponding grey Filter Pills found at the top of the Mention list.

  • Add additional Filters, such as Date Range, to further narrow your results for Airchecks.

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