New Capability: Duplicate Campaign

Do you ever find yourself creating copies of existing campaigns with only subtle changes to the date range or another setting, but bogged down with the full campaign creation process? Well, if so, we're happy to announce that this release carries with it an improvement that enables you to 'Duplicate' a campaign.

This is particularly useful if you're building out multi-quarter campaigns or if you're interested in creating various campaign versions to evaluate how the inclusions of different geofences or traffic channels impact performance.

Simply navigate to an advertiser with an existing campaign and select the campaign menu button to access the 'Duplicate Campaign' feature.

You can easily duplicate a campaign by simply renaming it. All of the campaign settings will be inherited by default. You can make additional changes to the campaign by editing the duplicate.

We hope this empowers you to do more experimentation and A/B testing or to simply clone existing campaigns without replicating the campaign setup.

New Capability: Update Campaign

To prevent the guesswork for when a campaign was last updated our latest update better exposes this information. You can easily see when the campaign last retrieved data as well as manually trigger an update.

By clicking the 'Refresh Data' button, you'll kick off the process to collect the most recent data available. Informatively, any campaign with an end date in the future will automatically refresh every hour.

Optimizations and Bug Fixes:

  • Implemented database table partitioning for location records to improve performance and data retrieval (optimization)

  • Deleting a campaign will return the user to the active advertiser assuming there is at least one campaign as opposed to directing the user to the homepage (optimization)

  • Selecting custom date ranges prevented the user from filtering beyond the country on the 'Location' dashboard (bug)

  • Exported PowerPoint (PPT) reports do not include a Location map (bug)

We hope that you find these improvements to Attribute valuable and we welcome your feedback via chat support or email: [email protected]

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