New Features

Updated Login Screens

Login to the aiWARE for Alteryx tools with ease. With the newly refreshed login UI, users can now sign in to all aiWARE for Alteryx tools with a similar look and function as the aiWARE platform.

  • Users can now hit enter to submit login credentials

  • Tab function has been enabled

Username and E-mail is now visible once logged into tools

aiWARE for Alteryx tools now show which user & account is currently logged into the tools.

Parsing Macros & Icons

The tools now come packaged with eight cognition specific data parsing macros to help transform your data into easily digestable chunks. With spiffy new icons to help you identify which data option you'd like to parse!

Available Cognition Parsers:


Sentiment Analysis

Entity Extraction

Logo Detection

Content Classification

Text OCR

Facial Detection

Speaker Separation

Having trouble installing your macros? Visit Alteryx's help documentation.

Run aiWARE now offers new cognition choices:

  • Spanish Transcription

  • Spanish to English Translation

  • English to Spanish Translation

Resolved Issues

  • Implemented a retry & better error handling when receiving a 502: Bad Gateway

  • Custom flow jobs not showing in Pending jobs in aiWARE Input

  • When uploading files for cognition via S3, if the user clicks on the canvas after making a selection, Run aiWARE does not recognize file selection.

  • Added a connection aborted retry fix

  • Don't recursively attempt token refresh in ui

  • Clear asset selection correctly in aiWARE Input

  • Authentication Issues on Login for both tools.

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