Why Should I Resend Invites to Connect Google Analytics?

Veritone Attribute requires Advertisers to integrate web data from their Google Analytics account into our platform. To integrate Google Analytics, users must send their advertiser a Connection Request, which is an email with a link embedded into it. These links direct recipients to complete the authentication. Links expire 5 days after the Connection Request is sent. If a recipient hasn’t completed the authentication step ahead of the link expiring, users must send a new Connection Request.

How Do I Resend Invites to Connect Google Analytics?

1. Click on Manage Connections:

2. Navigate to the Invited Advertisers section, locate your Advertiser, & click on the Resend Connection button (paper plane icon):

3. On the Advertiser Details page, navigate to the Invite to Connect section on the right.

4. Check the Resend Invite box, enter the recipient’s email address, use our canned message or customize, then click Save & Send Invite.


  • Details for the Advertiser will update in the Manage Connections dashboard, so you can also verify the last sent date and status.

  • You can also resend invites directly from the Advertiser Dashboard or from the Edit Advertiser menu in the Advertiser Panel.

From Dashboard:

From Edit Advertiser menu:

  • When in doubt, look for the Megaphone icon! The Megaphone will be lit up in green once your client is connected. A grayed out Megaphone icon means your Advertiser has yet to connect.

  • You may also validate what Account, Property and View your client has connected to by hovering your mouse over the Megaphone icon at any time. This is an excellent way to validate that your Advertiser has connected the correct data for attribution measurement.

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