New Capability: Support of non-O&O TTWN Affiliates

A subset of Veritone Attribute users have been waiting on the product to fully support TTWN affiliate stations that are not owned & operated, but assist in ad delivery and campaign performance. With this release, Attribute is now inclusive of affiliate stations. Simply continue to create campaigns that target your Advertisers and the application will automatically include these affiliate stations, if applicable. Whether TTWN owned and operated or not, all ads associated with this network will rollup into a single classification of "TTWN."

For existing campaigns to inherit this update, either edit or trigger the data refresh the campaign. Note that historical non-O&O TTWN affiliate data is available from 7/1/20 and forward.

New Capability: aiWARE Application Header and Notification Center

As an effort to strengthen the user experience, Veritone introduced a new aiWARE application header and notification center. Attribute, along with other Veritone applications, integrated this service to improve cross-application communication and continuity. The idea is that regardless of the application, access to the various actions are always found in the same location. For example, access to support, applications, knowledge center, user profile and other important items are found in the same location.

Additionally, the new Notification Center (the 'Bell' icon) will house useful messages that can be accessed in any application.

The information above provides a general overview, but you are encouraged to learn more about the richness of this capability here.

Optimizations and Bug Fixes:

  • Unable to 'Resend' or edit advertiser invites from Disconnected advertisers (bug)

  • PowerPoint and PDF campaign reports produced blank Geolocation pages (bug)

  • Tended to fringe case whereby negative Lift occurred if the campaign included a 'Watchlist' (bug)

  • Filtering geographies on 'Location' campaign dashboard dynamically adjusts the description to reflect the location hierarchy (i.e. Country > State > County/DMA/Metro > City)

  • Introduced a replica database to help optimize system reads and writes (optimization)

We hope that you find these improvements to Attribute valuable and we welcome your feedback via chat support or email: [email protected]

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