What is the Export Options Feature?

The Export Options feature in Illuminate enables users to export selected data to their desktop. The specific files that will be referenced in the export will depend on the case folder the user is viewing, as well as any additional Searches and Filters that have been applied. The user can select to export files from either the Analytics tab, or select from the scoped files in the Files tab.

How to Export Files from Illuminate - Files

1. Select the Files tab from the top navigation menu.

2. Review the file selection, ensuring you have selected all files for which you want to export data. You can either select all files or filter to designate a select subset of files for export. Click the Export icon on the far right of the tabs, and select EXPORT TO DESKTOP:

3. The Export Options menu will appear. Select a Transcript Option and Other Options as required. Once satisfied with your selections, click SELECT:

NOTE: Toggling to Include Original Native Files will significantly increase the time it takes your export to complete. If you already have the native files available on your desktop or your organization's servers, we recommend excluding the native files from your export.

4. Once you have confirmed your Export Options, you will get a pop-up to confirm the export, and a notification showing the status of your export:

5. To check the status of your exports, click the Notification Icon in the top right hand corner, to the right of the search bar:

6. Once the export is complete, the user chosen to receive alerts from your Illuminate account will receive an email. To download the exported zip file to your desktop, navigate to the History tab and select the download icon:

How to Export Files from Illuminate - Analytics

1. Select or verify that you are viewing the case which contains the files you want to Export, and you have applied the appropriate Filters to further specify the files to be exported.

2. Once you’re sure you have the appropriate case and Filter selection, simply click the Export icon on the far right of the tabs and click EXPORT TO DESKTOP:

3. Follow steps 3-6 as listed above to make your export selections and download the export to your desktop.


  • If you are unsure whether your export toggle selections will return the information you need, try starting out running an export with only a few files (3-5 files) selected. This will complete in a matter of minutes and will allow you to confirm that the exported zip file contains all of the necessary information you need. From there, you can export the full data set - which, depending on the size of the data, may take a while to complete.

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