This release introduces Veritone's Heartbeat Logs for improved monitoring of platform health, a Jobs General Summary for administrators to review processing across multiple workspaces, as well as various bug fixes and performance enhancements. This release is compatible for use in Relativity 9.6, 10.3, 11.2 and Relativity One.

NOTE: After installation of, administrators will need to reinstall the Veritone Transcription Job Manager and Analyzer Agents for transcription to perform properly.

Heartbeat Logs

Veritone's new heartbeat logs offer insight into the health of your workspace's agents and overall API connection. The logs are accessible via a new tab in the Veritone aiWARE hub. These logs provide additional error information if you experience a complication with transcoding, transcription, translation, redaction and object detection.

NOTE: In order to activate the Heartbeat Logs you will need to install the new Veritone Health Agent from the administrator agents setup page.

Veritone Jobs General Summary

For administrators who oversee a variety of workspaces, it can be challenging to jump between each workspace to monitor the progress of ongoing projects. With our new Jobs General Summary report, you’ll be able to monitor the progress of all workspaces within a single Relativity site.

This summary report exists under a new tab for administrators. It allows you to filter by Workspace Name, Job Type, Status, Environment, and more. You can also retry one or more failed jobs directly from this report, without needing to retry all failed jobs in a workspace.

Bug Fixes and Feature Enhancements

  • For transcription jobs, the original media file (rather than the transcoded file) is now sent directly to Veritone for processing. In some instances this may result in improved transcription results when dealing with lower quality audio.

  • We've changed the name of Veritone's AI Hub to "Veritone aiWARE"

  • We've resolved an issue preventing the installation of Veritone's RAP file across hundreds of workspaces. Users can now install or update a Veritone RAP file across nearly 400 workspaces at one time.

  • Relativity administrators now have the ability to control the maximum size of a file that can be submitted to the Veritone API without requiring whitelist access to AWS S3. 500MB is now the default file size limitation to call our api directly using CreateTDOWithAsset. Any file that is larger than 500MB is uploaded through AWS S3 using a signed URL. Administrators can manually reconfigure this file size limit by navigating to Instance Settings > filter for "Veritone" > and click into the setting named MaximumNativeSizeToUploadToVeritoneAPI.

  • We've resolved an issue causing Veritone application scripts to fail when two or more Veritone Transcode agents are installed on a Relativity instance.

  • We've restricted the Veritone Billing Statistics Report All Workspaces script to only be run within the Library Admin and added a date range filter to the script.

  • For customers using Edge processing, if a transcription or translation result is not returned within 30 minutes, Veritone logs will display the message "No Results".


If you are your organization's Relativity administrator, download the latest RAP file below to take advantage of these new improvements. As a reminder, you will need to install the Veritone Transcription Job Manager and Analyzer Agents as well as Veritone Health Agent to take full advantage of this upgrade:

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