New Feature: More Data in Google Analytics popup Module

When you click on the Green Megaphone Icon next to an Advertiser's name, you will now see much more detail around the Google Analytics connection. We will be adding even more information in coming weeks, including the ability to "test" the connection in real-time!

To access this information to validate your Advertiser has connected the correct data, simply hover your mouse over the green megaphone icon. In addition to viewing details on when the account was connected, and what Account, Property and View were connected, you will also now be able to see website activity, the name for whomever received the connection invite, the user who granted permission, and when data was last collected.

Configuration Changes:

  • Removed "Watchlist" Option for new Attribute Campaigns. We removed this option from the SOURCE screen for new campaign setup, leaving only Pre-Recorded and Live Reads (organic, unlogged mentions) options moving forward. If your organization needs it re-enabled, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or to Support ([email protected]).

  • Reinstated Logic to decouple ad ingestion from web visitation ingestion. Recent optimizations have been put in place to separate ad ingestion data from web visit data.

  • Unidentified traffic is now UNCHECKED by default on the Geofence filter. When Google can't confirm the source of the web traffic, it comes into Veritone Attribute as "unidentified". There are scenarios where you may want to include this traffic, but in most cases it is best practice to exclude it. Given this, we changed the default for new campaign setup LOCATIONS FILTERS to have unidentified traffic turned off (e.g. UNCHECKED) as the default. Please note: you can always choose to reselect this option by navigating to FILTERS in your Campaign and clicking on the FILTER button next to LOCATION.

Optimizations and Bug Fixes:

  • Automatically move Advertisers to "disconnected" status if we receive permission or no user account warnings from GA when trying to connect their account.

  • Prevention of concurrent jobs from running on same campaign.

  • Fixed special character handling in the Google Analytics invite emails.

  • Optimized scrolling in the Advertiser list tab.

  • Added a visual indicator that loading is in progress when the 'Users in Teams' tab is accessed.

  • Added partitioning to our geo tables on the backend for better query performance.

We hope you find these improvements to Attribute valuable and we welcome your feedback via chat support or email: [email protected]

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