Getting your Advertiser’s Google Analytics account connected to Veritone Attribute is a 2 step process. However, if they connect and you notice no traffic generating in the Visits tab at the top of your dashboard, it could mean a few things:

  • The Advertiser hasn’t tagged their website with the UA Code from their Google Analytics account

  • The Account/Property/View that is connected is not the same as what is on the website

    • This typically happens when they’ve made changes to their website

  • The Advertiser connected a Google Tag Manager or Ad Words account, rather than the Google Analytics account

To rule out if they haven’t forgotten to tag their website with the correct UA code, follow the steps below:

  1. In Veritone Attribute, confirm the UA code for the GA account that is connected by selecting the advertiser and hovering your mouse over the green megaphone icon. The UA code will appear next to Properties & Apps.

  2. Next, navigate to the advertiser website

  3. Right click on the website homepage and select the Inspect option

  4. Click on the Network tab in the Inspect panel

  5. Refresh the web browser

  6. Look for a request in the Initiator column including the word “analytics” and in the Name column starting with “collect

  7. Hover your mouse over the word “collect”in the Name column to preview the UA code that is connected to the website.

  8. Click on “collect” in the Name column

  9. Scroll to the bottom of the Headers section

  10. Look for the tid which references the UA code connected to the website

  11. The UA code on the site should match the one paired with Attribute

    1. Again, hover your mouse over the green megaphone icon to expose the UA Code

  12. If the numbers don’t match or you don’t see “collect”, “analytics”, or the UA code at all, reach out to your Advertiser to let them know they haven’t tagged their website. Once they do that you will be able to see traffic data in Veritone.

CLICK HERE to view a video demonstration

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