The Flow Center is an aiWARE OS utility that is available to Automate Studio application users. This utility allows you to quickly browse, manage, and open Automate Studio Flows and Templates from your Veritone Utility Dock.

The Flow Center icon is located within your Utility Dock. Upon clicking the Veritone logo at the top right of your browser window, the dock will slide open. Click the Flow Center icon located inside the Utility dock to open the Flow Center.

Note that the Flow Center is not available from within Automate Studio.

Organization Flows

This section displays all Automate Studio flows that have been created within your organization. You can quickly and easily browse flows or choose from popular templates available at the top of the page.


If you would like to filter your flows by available attributes, click the filter icon located at the top right of the Flow Center. Upon clicking the icon, the filter panel will be displayed on the left side panel of your flow center.

Flow Details

The Flow Details panel can be accessed by clicking the Information icon at the top right of your flow center. Upon clicking this, the Flow Detail panel will slide out over the Flow Center and expose additional details on each flow.

Overview: Basic information regarding this flow, such as owner, status, and a unique ID.

Versions History: View and manage all available versions of the flow, and revert to a previous version

Activity: View all historical activity associated with this flow

Helpful Tips:

  • To close the Flow Detail panel, you can click the Information icon again

  • You can view other flow detail information by clicking the list of flows and leaving the Flow Detail panel open.


Veritone is constantly building new templates to help you jumpstart your flow creation. The Templates section lists all available templated flows that you can use as a base to creating your new flow.

Template Details

Selecting a template from the list will open the Template Detail panel. This panel displays additional information on the template such as:

  • Developer

  • Deployment Model

  • Industry

  • Category

  • Tags

  • Example Screenshots

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