From the Dashboard page, you can quickly get a glimpse into primary areas of interest for your Benchmark Application.

The Dashboard page contains widgets that help gain insight into application usage, model performance, tutorials, and actions you must take in your account.

Welcome Tutorials

Helpful tutorials and walkthroughs can be found in this section to help get you started or extend your knowledge on the Benchmark application.

Score Cards

Score Cards provide a summary of the number of Benchmarks, Models, Experiments, and Datasets in your Benchmark application. Each Score Card can be clicked on to take you directly to that area in your application.

Total Benchmarks

The Total Benchmark Chart shows a summary of the total number of Benchmarks that have been successfully conducted by capability. Clicking on each section of the doughnut chart allows you to see the number of Benchmarks per Capability.

Overall Performance by Capability

The Overall Performance Chart shows you an aggregated percentage by accuracy, overlap, or other metrics depending on the capability you have selected. Each model is represented by a bar on the chart.

Latest Experiments

Your last ten experiments are displayed in the latest experiments table. Here you will find information on the status, creator, and start/ stop time of the experiment.

Experiments with completed status can be selected to take you directly to that Experiment.

If the Experiment has a status of failed, you can view more information on the processing of the Experiment by clicking the row.

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