With the release of RAP file, we are excited to announce our Health Status check and Heartbeat Logs, which give end users insight into the backend health of their API connection and agents setup.

This article provides details about installing and understanding your Heartbeat Logs.

What are Heartbeat Logs?

In order to monitor the health of your workspace’s API connection and agent status, the Health Status check will run test jobs against transcoding, transcription, translation, redaction, and object detection. These test jobs are not billed to the customer nor will they display in your workspace's summary logs.

If one of these tests fails, you will be alerted with an error message. Navigating to the Heartbeat Logs will provide more detailed information and heightened visibility into the connection or configuration issue.


Once you install RAP file, you will need to install the Veritone Health Agent from your Admin Agents setup:

Health Status Check

Once the Health Agent is running, you will observe three new fields in the Veritone aiWARE Workspace Configuration page:

  • Health Status: An “all systems go” indicator. A green checkmark signals everything is running as expected, a red X signals the health check has run into an error, and a yellow exclamation point indicates you need to configure the health agent.

  • Health Last Updated: The date and time that the health check was last run

  • Translation Health Jobs Engine: Designates the translation engine that the health job will run against. If you know you are translating a specific language within this workspace, you should select that language as your health jobs engine. If you are not using translation within this workspace, you can leave the health jobs engine undesignated.

Click into the Health Status indicator or navigate to the Heartbeat Logs tab to view more details on the specific job checks being performed:

If one of the health checks runs into an error, click on the error message in the “Output” column to better understand why the health check failed:

For more information on your Heartbeat Logs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support team at [email protected].

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