We are excited to announce some recent Discovery updates!

  • Better In-App Progress Tracking - As watchlists are processing and results are updated, you will now see a message within the Analytics Tab. This will help ensure you are accessing data after it is completed and will not view partial results while updates are in progress.

    Coming Soon: You'll also receive an in-app notification once the Watchlist is available for viewing.

  • Summary of Campaign Dates Now Shown in Analytics Recaps - We've added a series of dates to the Watchlist Analytics PDF report, including when the report was generated, Watchlist start and end dates, and data start and end dates. An example of a single Watchlist tracking a completed campaign is below, as is an example for pulling reports based on multiple Watchlists for campaigns that are still in progress and being tracked in real time.

  • Hour Of Day Filter - Similar to how you can filter your Search Results by Date or Program, now you can also filter by the Time of Day. This feature enables you to further cull through your mentions down to the hour of broadcast.


  • Removal of Market Selection in Watchlists - We removed the "Select Market" radio option from the Create/Edit Watchlist setup screen as this was causing some user confusion and a sub-optimal experience for international users. You can still select content relative to Market by simply clicking SELECT PROGRAM and then searching by typing in the Market name on the subsequent screen.

    PRO TIP: Every Station and Program name in your account includes the Market name too, making it easily searchable!

  • Total Audience Column - We have updated the Total Audience Column in CSV export reports from "Audience" to "Total Audience" to better align with in-app reporting.

  • General Bug Fixes and Mention Optimizations

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