Why Use Search by Object?

Object Detection is helpful in quantifying and verifying all instances where a physical object or brand element appears on-screen or in an image. This search parameter can be used to verify ad clearance for a broadcast. To accomplish this, we run cognitive engines against content to detect logos and brands against a library of identified visual elements.

How to Search by Object

1. To Search by Object, click on the Search Bar in Discovery and select the Object option:

2. Type the name of the Object and select an option from the picklist. Click Add to complete the search:

3. This search will generate results where the desired object appears. Click on a Mention to play the search result or use the left-hand sidebar to Filter results:

Area of Interest

Area of Interest is a feature that enables you to define a bounding box region to isolate results where the object appears in the defined region.

Adding Area of Interest

1. Search for and select an Object from the picklist. Proceed by selecting Advanced:

2. Define your desired Area of Interest by clicking Add Area of Interest:

3. Using the Bounding Box tool, click and drag the Bounding Box to the appropriate size and shape that you desire. Then drag and drop that bounding box to the location where you would like to find results. Once you are finished click Save Area of Interest then select Apply. Lastly, click Save in the Search Bar:

Editing an Area of Interest

1. Click the Pencil icon in the Coordinates container. Apply your changes using the Bounding Box tool and select Save Area of Interest. Click Apply:

Deleting an Area of Interest

1. Click the Trashcan icon on the Coordinates Container:


  • The Object identifier that is inputted into the Search Bar must correspond to the name of the entity in your Organization's Objectbox Library. You can access the Library through the App Switcher.

  • Results are displayed in reverse chronological order.

  • Timestamps are reflected in the timezone local to the user.

  • The Object Detection engine detects and identifies logos or brands in video and image files. To do this, the engine finds and matches detected objects against a library of known objects. Contact your Customer Success Manager if you have any questions about Veritone‚Äôs Objectbox library.

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