New Feature: Collection Concepts

In order to enhance how our users leverage data to organize media, Digital Media Hub now supports Collection Concepts. This feature allows our users to further curate and enhance a grouping of media assets and expose new insightful data, while also supporting new content discovery paths.

Collection Concepts allow Digital Media Hub users to tag collections with a term or concept that can be related to other concepts within a defined taxonomy or structured data set. This feature will provide Digital Media users with new way to discover and search for specific content:

  • View collections that have been tagged with similar or related concepts

  • Run concept based asset searches

  • View insightful data specific to the concept defined in the taxonomy

Enabling Collection Concepts

The Collection Concept feature can be enabled or disabled through a UI configuration in the Admin App. For our initial roll-out the default configuration will be disabled, please reach out to your account representative to activate the feature. Once the feature has been enabled, the taxonomy supporting Collection Concepts is Wikidata.

Adding Concepts to a Collection

When viewing an editable collection, a new panel will display that allows users the ability to add and remove concepts for a collection. Clicking the add/edit icon will display a text input. As a term is typed into the input, a list of suggested concepts will display. Selecting a concept and then clicking the SUBMIT button will save that concept to the collection.

  • Multiple concepts can be saved to a collection, but the recommendation is to limit the number to 3 or less

  • Avoid overly-broad concepts

  • Concepts can be re-ordered within the edit interface by dragging the chip display

  • Concepts are optional, and not required for standard collection functions

Concept Navigation

When a concept exists for a collection, the concept will display as the title of a panel. Next to the concept title, will be three icons:

  • Similar collections

  • Search

  • Expand

Viewing Collections with Related Concepts

The ‘similar collection' icon will display a count of viewable collections that have also been tagged with that concept. Clicking the icon will navigate to a collection list page with those collections.

Asset Search Based on the Concept Name

When clicked, the ‘search’ icon will run an asset search based on the concept name. If the concept name is Joe Burrow, then an asset search is run using those two terms.

View Related Concepts

Each concept will have a number of ‘related’ concepts. Each Wikidata entry (a concept) is linked to one or more other concepts, and these are displayed in the DMH UI as related concepts.

The concept panel will display a short list of the related concepts with an indicator of how many more aren’t displayed. To view the full list of related concepts, click either the concept name, the ‘expand’ icon next to the concept name or the more… chip in the list or related concepts:

Once clicked the panel displays the full list of related concepts:

Clicking a related concept chip will update the panel with that concept as the title, and below it will be the concepts related to it. This allows exploration of wide variety of concepts based on the initial concept.

If a panel title can be saved to the collection as a concept, an ‘add’ icon is displayed next to the concept. Clicking it will add that concept to the collection.

New Feature: Dynamic File Renaming for Downloads

Digital Media Hub can now dynamically rename a rendition file based on the delivery option configuration. When a Delivery Option configuration has a transfer type of 'download' or 'aspera' AND an output filename is defined, files transferred with the delivery option will have naming that reflects the config. Unlike the standard transcode process, the rename of the file does not impact the availability of the download.

For example if a 'comp' rendition is stored with a filename of 87765MX_ZIO6GX0GR_xp-wmte.mp4, and the delivery option output filename config is a simple string of Veritone-comp, the downloaded file will be named Veritone-comp.mp4.

In some cases the desired name for the downloaded file should reflect a metadata value stored for the asset. The delivery option output filename config can include substitution values that will pull metadata from the asset and use that value in the filename. For the same comp rendition 87765MX_ZIO6GX0GR_xp-wmte.mp4, if the delivery option output filename config includes a substitution for the Resource.Name value like Veritone-comp-${Resource.Name}, the downloaded file will be named Veritone-comp-87765MX_ZIO6GX0GR.mp4.

When downloading a system generated rendition, the following options are now available:

  • Reflect the name of the original file provided by the Digital Media Hub customer

  • Include Digital Media Hub customer specific naming conventions

Feature Update: Annotation Tool

Digital Media Hub's Annotation Tool can now be turned on/off based on a feature flag within the UI configurations. Please reach out to your account representative to activate the feature.

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