We are excited to release another set of optimizations to our Discovery product.

This includes several small (but impactful!) upgrades that save time and improve the overall product experience.


  • Introduced enhanced custom match label functionality within the search profile page in Watchlist creation:

    • If your organization provides log data to Veritone, you can leverage an enhanced Watchlist setting by enabling the "Track Live and Pre-Recorded Ads" toggle. Once ON, the default match labels for any logged inventory will be labeled as "Paid" and any incremental on air mentions (unlogged lives) will be labeled as "Earned". Users may update the values as desired.

    • When this same setting for "Track Live and Pre-Recorded Ads" is toggled OFF, you will see a "Paid" default value applied to the singular search profile. You can edit this label as desired to help differentiate between paid and earned media in customer reports.

    • More changes are still to come for supporting label customizations, including the ability to control the list of label options via Admin Org settings. This will enable users to establish a standardized label set to help save time and create continuity across all client reports.


  • Updated Numeris Data with the latest Q1 2021 book.

  • Added a new checkbox to use "Only Small Market" for Nielsen correlation within Watchlist set up. When selected, this will instruct the platform to reference the Small Market Nielsen data for markets being tracked in the Watchlist. Note: this should only be selected if the markets you are tracking are included in the Small Market Nielsen books.

... & MORE!

  • Miscellaneous fixes for updating Analytics chart names and default values, standardizing reporting banners, and re-enabling Download/Trim button access for select Watchlist media.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to your feedback!

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