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Uploading media into Veritone Illuminate is the first step to unlocking the power of the application. You can customize the cognition you’d like to run and in only a matter of minutes have searchable, actionable data for your team to review.

How to Upload media

1. Select Upload on the top right corner of the page:

2. A new page will open, prompting you to follow the 4-step media upload process. Select Upload Media to choose the file or files you would like to upload.

NOTE: You can upload multiple files at once, though there is a max limit of 200 files per single upload. For any bulk upload needs that exceed this amount, please contact your Customer Success Manager to discuss other options that are available to you.

3. Once you’ve chosen your files, select Upload and wait for the upload process to complete before selecting Next.

4. In the next step of the upload process, you will select the cognition which you’d like to run on your files. Depending on the specific set-up of your account, you can choose to select cognition via the Simple Cognitive Workflow or Advanced Cognitive Workflow.

In the Simple Cognitive Workflow, you can simply choose the necessary cognition icon or icons and select Next:

The Advanced Cognitive Workflow allows you to choose specific cognition engines and adjust any advanced engine settings. To toggle to the Advanced Cognitive Workflow, select the blue text in the right corner of the page:

From the Advanced Cognitive Workflow, select your Engine Category, search for your desired engine, and click the green plus sign to select and add. Click Next to move on to the next step:

5. If there is metadata you’d like to associate with your uploaded files, you can do so via a custom Content Template in the third step of the media upload process. For additional information about creating your own custom content template, reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

If you do not need any associated metadata, click Next to move to the final step.

6. The final step of the media upload process allows you to upload your files directly to a specific Case Folder. This is an optional step. You can also apply tags to this media by typing in your desired tag and hitting ‘enter’ on your keyboard. You can apply as many tags as desired. Tags enable you to better organize and search through your media in Illuminate.

Once all customizations have been made, select Save to initiate your media upload.

7. If your upload is initiated successfully, you’ll observe a green pop-up icon on the bottom left corner of the page:

8. To track the progress of your upload, navigate to the Processing Status tab to observe which tasks are still in the queue, in progress, complete, or have run into errors.

Once a file completes, you will see that file available in your Files tab.


  • Veritone Illuminate supports nearly all standard file formats. If your file has a proprietary codec, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to understand if it is compatible with our platform.

  • For particularly large file uploads, we recommend you wait until closer to the end of the business day to initiate the upload so as to ensure faster processing times. Please note, processing during busier times may incur longer wait times.

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