When initiating an export in Veritone Illuminate, users can select a variety of options depending on their desired use case. This article breaks down each of those selections.

Transcription Options

For video and audio files which have been processed against transcription. The following options are available for export format:

TTML (Time Text Markup Language) - Produces a .ttml file which can be uploaded into a 3rd party application.

PlainText - A .txt file with each document’s full transcript. The text is not separated by speaker nor time stamped in any way.

Speaker Separation - A .txt file designating each speaker and the start and end time of each speaker’s sections. This file will match the original machine transcription. If you’ve made edits to the speaker names or text, those will not be displayed in this file.

VTN Standard - Produces a JSON file designating the start and stop time of each transcribed word. This JSON can be uploaded into other e-discovery platforms to allow users to playback the native video and observe time stamped text.

Include User-Edited Transcript - Check this selection if you’ve made any edits to the speaker names or text of the transcript. A separate file will be exported, designated by “_speakerseparated” at the end of the filename.

Other Options

Bookmarks - If bookmarks have been applied to sections of your transcript, exporting those bookmarks will produce standalone .txt files specific to each transcript. Each file will list out the bookmark’s Name, Timestamp, Bookmarked Text, Author, Date/Time Created, as well as the Comment made on the bookmark (see example below):

  • Name: Bookmark Example

  • Bookmarked Time: (00:00:26 - 00:00:27)

  • Bookmarked Text: So you've been in the house already?

  • Author: Jim Bickel

  • Created Date/Time: 2021-06-18T15:38:06.352Z

  • Comment: Question re: suspect’s location

  • Tags - Produces a .txt file associated with each transcript to which you’ve applied a tag.

Translation - If you’ve translated text from documents or translated a transcription from an audio/video file, you can export those translated results by toggling on this option.

Include Original Native Files - If, for any reason, you do not have access to the original native files and would like to download them, toggle this selection on. Note: Choosing to include the original native files will significantly increase the time it takes to process your download.

Sentiment - If sentiment is an available feature within your Illuminate license agreement, toggle this on to view a breakdown of overall sentiment per exported file.

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