We are pleased to share some exciting feature enhancements we've implemented for Illuminate. Below is a rundown of all enhancements and bug fixes that went out in our latest release.

Illuminate Enhancements
- To help streamline reprocessing large volumes of content, Illuminate will now automatically split the jobs running into smaller batches
- When users click on the File tab, they are now able to immediately view all recently uploaded files without having to navigate first to their case folder

- Users will now be able to more easily toggle between various translation outputs within the app
- To more quickly locate uploaded data, users have the ability to filter by Status and Date Range on the Processing Status Tab
- Added more turn-key functionality to enable users to upload/ingest a file without the need to first select a cognitive engine

Bug Fixes, Etc.
- Engine names should now always be visible when searching for cognition categories
- Cognitive engine icons will display properly on uploaded media
- Fixed issue when clicking Run Cognition Engine button on uploaded files
- Bulk tagging enhancements

-Suppressed visibility of system folder "Illuminate App" to alleviate user confusion

As always, we welcome your feedback! Please email [email protected] to share your thoughts.

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