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Why Leverage Text-to-Text Translation Solutions?

Global litigation and commerce is multilingual; but reviewing those documents for eDiscovery, compliance, or investigation purposes is cumbersome and time consuming. Non-English documents must be isolated and batched out to specially retained native speaking document reviewers at a massive cost. This slows down the review and analysis process and injects uncertainty into the equation: How can review managers be confident that human translators are translating consistently? With no audit trail or evidence of interpretation, manual translation is a black box of risk.

Automating the translation process with a consistent, machine-powered translation engine streamlines document review, reduces costs, and standardizes interpretations defensibly. OpenText’s Axcelerate simplifies the handling of multilingual documents through an integration with Veritone’s proprietary AI operating system called aiWARE. The API-powered integration extracts the text from selected documents, securely sends that text to aiWARE for translation, and then automatically returns the translated text for review.


Last updated: 8/17/21

  • Arabic → English

  • Bulgarian → English

  • Catalan → English

  • Chinese (Simplified) → English

  • Chinese (Traditional) → English

  • Czech → English

  • Danish → English

  • Farsi → English

  • Finnish → English

  • French → English

  • German → English

  • Greek → English

  • Hebrew → English

  • Hungarian → English

  • Indonesian → English

  • Italian → English

  • Japanese → English

  • Korean → English

  • Malay → English

  • Norwegian → English

  • Polish → English

  • Portuguese → English

  • Romanian → English

  • Russian → English

  • Slovakian → English

  • Slovenian → English

  • Spanish → English

  • Swedish → English

  • Thai → English


To start translating your documents within Axcelerate, you must be connected to a valid Veritone account. Contact your Axcelerate Administrator, your Customer Success Manager, or visit

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