We are pleased to share some recent updates and optimizations in Discovery App!

  1. We fixed a bug in our Twitter integration, so tweet away! For those that didn't know we had a Twitter integration - check it out, it's pretty cool. Just right click on any mention >> Select Share >> Click on the Social Media option, and feel free to post an on air clip or highlight to Twitter (or Facebook)!

  2. One Click Watchlists are also now ready to go - for more on how to quickly change your Search into a Watchlist (and have the platform do the searching for you), read on HERE.

  3. Changed the name of the "Impressions by Source" graph to read "Top Impressions by Source" as true to form, it's focused on your top sources by Mention or Impression count only.

We always welcome feedback! Please reach out to [email protected], and share away!

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