Many of the most robust features in Attribute rely on our Google Analytics integration. We have rolled out a series of upgrades to the Google Analytics integration to make it easier to tell if your connection is working properly.

New Google Analytics Megaphone Coloration Scale:

Megaphone Color :




Invited, but not connected

Google Analytics invite has been sent, but has not been set up by your client yet.



Google Analytics are connected and working as expected.


Disconnected / Expired

Google Analytics may have been disconnected, or an advertiser has no active campaigns that require Google Analytics. In the case of any expired campaigns, you can extend the dates of your Campaign to bring it current. This will update your connection status to Green.


No Connection /
Recent data is low

Google Analytics is registering low or no data recently.

*The Yellow Megaphone will only show up after 3 hours of low or no Google Analytics data, and stay Yellow for up to 14 days before turning Red. If you encounter a Yellow Megaphone icon for more than 24 hours, please contact [email protected] for assistance. For expedited Support, include the following details: Advertiser & Campaign Name and/or URL, screenshot of Megaphone status.

Google Analytics Integration Improvements:

  • We have introduced a Yellow Megaphone color, which will show up if Google Analytics hasn't seen data in the last 3 hours, or the volume of visits is low (under 10 visits across the previous 3 hours). This should be an indicator that there may be an issue with the Google Analytics integration for your advertiser.

    • If you see a Yellow Megaphone persist for more than 24 hours, we recommend you confirm with your client that no major changes were recently made to the website. We occasionally see Google Analytics gets inadvertently removed or overwritten when a website was recently updated. We can provide instructions for how to get that connection restored - email [email protected].

    • Advertisers with a Yellow Megaphone will stay Yellow until either recent data is seen (Megaphone will turn to Green), or until 14 days have lapsed since the most recent data (Megaphone will turn to Red).

    • Advertisers with a Yellow or Red Megaphone color will now have the "test connection" button present, while advertisers with a Green Megaphone will not have that button as we know the GA connection is working correctly.

  • We have updated the shades used for Green and Red Megaphones to be more distinctive to those who may have Red / Green color deficiency.

We hope you find these improvements to Attribute valuable and welcome your feedback via chat support or email: [email protected].

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