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  • Understanding User Permissions

  • Adding a new User to Veritone Contact

  • Editing an existing User

Available User Permissions

Veritone Contact offers 4 different user permissions within the application. An individual User can have multiple permissions assigned to them.

Officer Permissions

  • Officers have the ability to generate RIPA reports and submit them to their assigned Reviewer for approval.

Reviewer Permissions

  • Reviewers are responsible for reviewing reports submitted by their assigned Officers.

  • Reviewers will have the option to Approve or Deny each report.

  • Once reports are approved, the Reviewer can either manually send the reports to the DOJ immediately, or include them in an automatic batch submission at a predetermined cadence.

Admin Permissions

  • Admins will have access to all User Management features and tools.

  • Admins can create a new User, make edits to an existing User, or delete a User as needed.

  • There is no additional charge for adding Non-Sworn Users.

  • Please Note: If a new Sworn Officer needs to be added to Contact, and was not included in your original agreement, please contact your Customer Success Manager for assistance.

Analyst Permissions

  • Users with Analyst permissions will have access to all reporting and charts within Veritone Contact.

  • This data will allow LEAs to use Stop Data for internal reporting and Time Spent data for potential reimbursement. This will provide flexibility allowing LEAs to filter data and customize as needed.

  • Analysts will be able to export RIPA Stop Data.

  • Analysts will be able to export Time Spent Data.

How To Add a New User

  1. Start by logging into Contact through the custom URL that was generated for your agency. You will login using your work email address as the username, and the password that was assigned to you.

  2. Once logged in, navigate to the Veritone V at the top right corner. This is your Main Menu Console:

  3. From here, select User Management:

  4. This will open your User Management page. Here, you can view all Users that are setup within your account. On this page, you can quickly and easily make modifications to existing Users, as well as create new Users.

  5. Click on the green + Add User button to initiate the User creation process:

  6. This will open the User Console where you can enter in all required fields:

  • Name

  • Username: As a best practice, we recommend that all users be created with their email address as their username

  • Work Email

  • Years of Experience: This will populate onto each report created by the officer. The DOJ has requested the total years of experience from when the officer was sworn into the force

  • DOJ Officer ID: If an officer is coming from another agency, and has an existing ID, you can add it here. If not, you can simply leave this field blank and Veritone will auto-generate a 9 character ID for that officer. Note: Once the user has been created, this field can no longer be edited

  • Advanced Permissions: Multiple roles may be selected

  • Assigned Reviewer: If you are provisioning multiple users in your org at the same time, we recommend that you leave this field blank and leverage our bulk assignment feature

  • Password: Generate a temporary password for your Users

Select Save to create the User.

How To Edit an Existing User

  1. To edit an Existing User, follow the same process above to navigate to your User Management window.

  2. From the User Management window, select the pencil icon to the right of the User. This will bring up the Edit User window:

Make all necessary updates and select Save.

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