Why Assign Reviewers?

Veritone Contact’s review process ensures a system is in place to prevent PII or incorrect information from being inadvertently sent to the California Department of Justice.

Assigning Reviewers allows you to filter all stop data reports from an Officer to their assigned Reviewer’s portal.

Requirements to Assign Reviewers

To assign Reviewers, you need access to the User Management portal. Only users with Administrator permissions can access the User Management portal. For instructions on adjusting user permissions, reference Creating Users in Veritone Contact.

Before assigning reviewers, make sure you’ve designated at least one user as a Reviewer by checking the Reviewer permission box during user setup:

How to Assign Reviewers:

1. As an administrator, navigate to the User Management portal:

2. Check the box next to the name of the user or users to whom you are assigning a reviewer. NOTE: Use the search bar to search for a user’s name.

3. Use the Select Reviewer to Assign dropdown menu to choose your reviewer’s name.

4. Click Change Assignment:

5. To assign multiple reviewers to the same list of users, repeat steps 3 and 4.


  • Use the Check All box to assign a reviewer to every user in your agency.

  • Before selecting a new group of users for assignment, ensure you’ve unchecked the previous group of users! You may need to expand the number of users per page to ensure all users are unchecked. This can be expanded at the bottom left corner.

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