Datasets containing video data types will use the Video Editor Tool which contains a multitrack timeline feature that helps you organize and create numerous annotations per file. Each item you wish to label in your video will display in the timeline as a new item.

Supported AI capabilities

  • Face Identification

  • Logo Detection

  • Object Detection

Supported Annotation Types

  • Bounding Box

How it works

Editor Feature


Class Selector

A list of all Classes available in this dataset

Tools Menu

All tools available for annotation and interacting with the editing tool

Media Player

Numerous functions to help you play, scrub and skip to other assets in this dataset

Action Menu

A list of tools to interact with the Data Labeler panel including, Publishing, Class Settings, Full-Screen Mode, and Closing the panel

Annotation Panel

Displays a list of all annotations or labels that have been created for this asset and their associated time duration


A visual representation of all annotations that have occurred in this asset. You can click on each item to jump to the location in this video or using the playhead scrubber to locate the exact frame.


A list of the most common hotkeys used to help make annotation more efficient. You can also click on the keyboard icon to see a full list

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