Why Change Reviewer Assignments?

As responsibilities and roles change within your agency, it may be necessary to adjust which Reviewers are reviewing an Officer’s stop data reports. Reviewer assignments can be managed via the User Management portal.

For instructions on assigning reviewers for the first time, reference Assigning Reviewers in Veritone Contact.

How to Change Reviewer Assignments

1. As an Administrator, navigate to the User Management portal:

2. Scroll or use the search bar to find the name of the end user for whom you are changing Reviewer assignments.

3. Ensure all new Reviewers have been assigned to this user by following the steps listed in Assigning Reviewers in Veritone Contact.

4. Select the pencil icon under the Actions column which corresponds to the user’s name:

5. Navigate to the Assigned Reviewers dropdown menu and select the appropriate Reviewers for this user. Deselect the Reviewers who are no longer applicable.

6. Click Save:

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