Veritone Voice is a powerful new feature available to you from within the Discovery application Search Bar.

In this article:

  • Veritone Voice Search Techniques

  • Use Cases (Multivariate Search)

Veritone Voice Search Techniques

  1. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to discuss enabling Veritone Voice for your organization.

  2. Click on the Search Bar in Discovery and select the microphone icon to the right of the Search Bar.

  3. Begin vocalizing your search to kick off the search process. (i.e. "Aircheck Starbucks" or "Logo Starbucks".)

Use Cases (Multivariate Search)

With Veritone Voice you can conduct airchecks, searches for logos, people, objects, on screen character recognition (OCR) and/or keywords using your own voice, rather than manually entering your search into the Search Bar. This tool is best suited for organizations that leverage various types of cognition, as it will ultimately enable you to more quickly access results for multivariate searches.

What to say: Example Phrases

What the platform will search

Search context

“Tom Cruise”

Keyword, Face

Recognized Tom Cruise as a name


Keyword, Logo, Recognized Text

Recognized the brand Starbucks


Keyword, Object, Recognized Text

This is essentially a fallback scenario where it doesn’t match a brand or a name.

“Pictures of Tom Cruise”


We know they are looking for images and we recognized the name Tom Cruise

“Pictures of Tom Cruise from last week”


Building on the previous example, adding a date filter.

“Search for pictures of Tom Cruise from last week”


A more verbose version of the above, with a carrier phrase that is ignored “search for”.

“Audio with Tom Cruise”


Keyword only since we are unable to search with other image based profiles within audio.

“Images of the Starbucks logo”


Logo only since we recognized the brand and user prefers image based profile

“Images of dogs”

Object, Recognized Text

We are unable to recognize a brand or name but picked up on images.

“Face of Tom Cruise”


The actual search profile here is specified so it is face only.

“Logo Starbucks”


Again, the search profile is specified and a logo search profile is used.

“Aircheck pumpkin spice latte on CNN from last October”


Transcript since the user said “aircheck”, filtered to CNN and date range last October


  • Prefixing with “air check” will always perform a transcription search.

  • Not all names will match to a facial entity, which is required to search. Like with all cognition types, this will need to be enabled in your organization first.


What to say: example phrases

What the platform will search

Search context

“Aircheck Joe Biden and debate”


Does a keyword search with both “Joe Biden” and “debate”

“Aircheck Joe Biden and debate last week”


Same as above but with a custom date range filter

“Will Smith”

Keyword, Face

Does a keyword search and both Will Smith the celebrity and Will Smith the athlete.

“Pictures of Will Smith”


Media type is now specified so it only looks for the faces of either Will Smith the celebrity or athlete.

“Aircheck Geico in Los Angeles”


Keyword search for brand Geico in the Los Angeles market

Interested in leveraging our Veritone Voice functionality? Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more about getting started!

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