This release includes full support of the Relativity Aero Document Viewer. Customers using Aero no longer need to rely upon the Classic Document Viewer to engage with aiWARE for Relativity.

This release is compatible with Relativity versions 10.3, 11.1, 12.2, and 12.3.

Aero Compatibility

Version includes full compatibility with the Aero Document Viewer. Users can now playback transcoded files in the Veritone media player as well as engage with transcriptions, translations, apply redactions, and review object detection directly within the Aero user interface.

We've also made UI enhancements to match the style of Aero's interface. Take a look and let us know what you think!

Data Deletion

To ensure data security, users processing in Veritone's Cloud have always had the option to delete files from Veritone immediately upon success or failure. We've added an option to "delete only on success" which removes all completed jobs from Veritone, but holds on to failed jobs. This ensures Veritone can more easily assist with troubleshooting should a file fail and need to be investigated:

Bug Fixes and Feature Enhancements

  • Resolved a redaction issue where if Redaction 1's end time was the same as Redaction 2's start time, the second redaction was not maintained upon export from Relativity.

  • Upgraded to FFMPEG version 4.2.1. FFMPEG is used during the transcode process.


If you are your organization’s Relativity administrator, download the latest RAP file below to take advantage of these new improvements.

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